A world-class agency
without the agency fluff



$1,500 $1,000

< $10,000 / month in ad spend

+ 10% of managed campaign revenue

  • Pixel audit
  • Conversion best practices
  • Facebook + Instagram
  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • 10 new ads per month
  • - 3 square images
  • - 3 vertical images
  • - 3 ad copy headlines
  • - 3 ad copy post text
  • Daily performance report
  • Monthly executive report
  • Bi-weekly, 30-minute call with an ad strategist
  • Slack - to provide CG with new creative, sales/promotions and product drops
  • Web development (pay as you go)


$3,500 $2,500

$10,000 – $50,000 in monthly ad spend

+ 5% of managed
campaign revenue

  • Pixel audit
  • Conversion best practices
  • Facebook + Instagram
  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • 20 new ads per month
  • - 5 square images
  • - 5 vertical images
  • - 1 square gifs
  • - 1 vertical gifs
  • - 1 (6-15 sec) square video ad per month
  • - 6 ad copy headlines
  • - 6 ad copy post text
  • Daily performance report
  • Monthly executive report
  • Bi-weekly, 30-minute call with an ad strategist
  • Slack - with dedicated access to an ad strategist
  • Web development (pay as you go)
  • Website CRO audit


$7,500 $5,500

$50,000 – $250,000 in monthly ad spend

+ Custom % of managed
campaign revenue.

  • Pixel audit
  • Conversion best practices
  • Facebook + Instagram
  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • 35 new ads per month
  • - 10 square images
  • - 10 vertical images
  • - 4 Square gifs
  • - 4 vertical gifs
  • - 2 (6-15 sec) square video ads per month
  • - 2 (6-15 sec) vertical video ads per month
  • - 12 ad copy headlines
  • - 12 ad copy post text
  • Daily performance report
  • Monthly executive report
  • Bi-weekly, 30-minute call with an ad strategist
  • Slack - with dedicated access to a creative project manager + performance marketing manager
  • Website CRO audit
  • Web development (pay as you go)
  • 1 CRO test per month
  • Persona specific ad creative
  • Persona specific ad copy
  • Weekly action plan
  • Funnel Strategy
  • Ad channel exploration
  • 1 landing page design per month
New Tier


Custom Pricing

$250,000+ in monthly ad spend

Tailored pricing that maps
to your growth demands.
  • Custom everything

Creative Studio

3D / AR

Starting at $2,500


Starting at $2,000

Motion Design / Video Editing

Starting at $800

Graphic Design

Starting at $250

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your performance marketing agency differ from all the other agencies?

We simply have to deliver in order to get paid! 

  • First and foremost we include in ALL partnerships: ad management/optimization of paid social/paid search, conversion optimization, creative (banners, gifs, videos), and daily performance reports. Just running a social channel is no longer sufficient and will never take your ad dollars the distance.
  • We ideate, create, launch, test, optimize, learn and relaunch at an uncanny speed.
  • Everyone on the team has experience delivering amazing results for our clients. Our team consists of marketers, content creators and creative gurus, analytical website optimizers (and functional designers/developers) all with deep experience in ecommerce, storytelling, brand building and digital advertising.
  • Our marketers are full stack and full funnel. They understand how potential customers interact with your brand along the path to purchase. We are NOT just pushing buttons in an ad channel and the people you are talking to on the team are the ones actually doing the work (no broken telephone and extreme accountability). We set up a dedicated Slack channel and you have full access to our team.
  • We provide 24/7 365 live performance reports with metrics that actually matter to your business (Ad spend, Number of purchases, Cost per purchase, Revenue, ROAS, creative metrics/CTR etc). Each report is customized and has the ability to view any timestamp needed. 
  • We actually encourage communication with our clients and we love having fun!
What does Communication with your team look like?

We have a dedicated slack channel set up for all our partners. You’ll have direct access to the team members who are working on your account. You’ll also have a pre-scheduled bi-weekly strategy meeting with your team when you’ll review the reports more in-depth and discuss the upcoming strategy and overall health of your account.

How long is your onboarding process and when will my account go live?

Typically we have a two week period from a signed contract until we are live with our new partners. During those two weeks we work on account access + pixel audits, conduct a thorough audit of your previous paid efforts, a CRO audit, buyer/persona audit, competitor analysis, brand building exercise, and complete your launch creatives along with your roadmap launch strategy. If you already have killer creatives that our team feels have high performance potential, we can launch much sooner than the two week mark. We do however take over the management of accounts on day 1 and begin optimizing your existing campaigns immediately.

What kind of reports will I receive?

You’ll receive a weekly overview report dissecting the data over the past week and what you can expect for the upcoming week; what worked/what didn’t work, roadblocks and resolutions, successes, and recommendations. We have all our partners set up on Whatagraph where they have full transparency into their entire ecomm business 24/7 365.

What if I like certain things from one tier and certain things from another tier?

If you have a team that is crushing it in a certain aspect of your business but you’re needing support in another, let us know! We’re not afraid to customize engagements and check our ego at the door when it makes sense to do so. At the end of the day we care about performance and that will always be our main priority.

What type of clients do you work with?

The ones that have an appetite for growth! We primarily focus on D2C Ecom brands and have a wide array of experience across virtually all industries with a heavy focus on CPG, Health + Wellness, Fitness, Fashion + Beauty, and the Pet space.

What is the commitment? Time? Budget?

We work off month-to-month contracts allowing both parties to revisit at any time to assure confidence in the partnership. We don’t work with any minimum spend requirements but rather tailor budgets based on your comfort levels and business goals. We do go through an audit process where we will provide recommended budgets based on your goals and industry benchmarks and are very transparent around budget vs. goals vs expectations.

How much money should I be spending on ads?

This is a very complex question which demands a thorough answer. When working with CG, if you haven’t already defined a marketing budget, we will build one with you collaboratively. This budget will be derived from your goals/KPIs and real, meaningful, benchmark data. Some example metrics we look at while collaborating are: 

  • Monthly Website Visits (organic and paid)
  • Website Conversion Rate 
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Average Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Your overall margins and product profitability
  • Your appetite for building awareness for your brand

From here, we can begin to determine necessary, profitable budgets based on your goals and benchmark data.

Will you manage our social media?

We stick to what we’re the experts at – paid advertising! Although there is crossover between organic socials and paid socials, our focus is on conversion intent and we stick within our lane here. We do however provide recommendations and direction on how to increase your online organic presence and up your engagement on an ongoing basis.

Are you able to provide creatives that meet our branding guidelines? Is there an extra cost for this?

Creatives are included within all our partnership tiers and follow our partners’ branding guidelines. All our creatives are made with the intent to drive stopping power and ultimately get a click. Our creative team is made up of 3D rendering specialists, motion designers, and illustrationists. Check out our Creative Studio tab to see their epic work!

Are you able to film content for us?

We do not film or produce any raw content, we focus on post production of existing assets, 3D, illustration, motion design, and AR. We do, however, know some amazing teams in NA we can refer to based on your location if you’re after more of a video/photoshoot request.

How long have you been around?

CG was started in 2017 by Jesse and Kristen Epstein. Jesse previously led one of the largest subscription box brands in NA as well as headed the ecommerce vertical at Facebook. He’s brought a lot of his knowledge from his previous roles and banged out an agency model that just works for our clients. By flipping the standard approach upside down and realizing a one shoe fits all model is BS, he’s been able to grow the company into what it is today by helping amazing brands from launch into ecommerce all the way to working with brands to reach their acquisition.

What is Commerce Garage best known for?

CG is known for taking a creative first-performance approach. With all the changes in ecommerce the one thing that remains constant is that creativity is the crux in achieving scale and our partners deserve top-notch assets. We are also known for our edginess, our willingness to do what others haven’t, and our care and commitment to our partners’ businesses. We’re performance marketers at heart and we truly have a kickass time working with our partner’s brands!

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