3D and AR are proven to increase conversions, improve AOV and reduce returns

63% of consumers say they will buy more from a brand that offers 3D and AR in their online shopping experience as it showcases the product’s details, size, texture, technical components and fit better than traditional images or video. Reducing the decision-making time for a consumer on their path to purchase can drastically improve the likeliness of purchase. Hush tapped Commerce Garage to build a comprehensive view into the inner-makings of their award-winning mattress to show consumers that Hush is not just another memory foam mattress-in-a-box.

We take complex products, model them in 3D and
deliver real-world experience through AR



“I don’t have any assets for that”…we’ve heard this 10,000 times. With CG’s Creative Studio we are able to build and bring your creative assets to life from the ground up with nothing more than a few images. Photo shoots, video shoots, actors, space, equipment, lighting, audio…all of that really expensive stuff is limited to a single point in time and with that model, “shots” can be missed. With 3D assets, we can put your creative in any setting, with any design treatment, at any moment, in an infinite number of ways.



3D models appear true-to-size so consumers can understand the look of a shoe, if the couch fits in their living room, the color and size of a dog crate or the style of beard tarp that fits their face.

For the
beard of
all beards.

Always Bearded was looking for a
real-life alternative for trying
on their beard tarp. CG Studio
developed their product in 3D and
built their Instagram AR experience.

For the
sports fan

My Custom Sports Chair sells officially licensed, premium, foldable Adirondak chairs. As the “perfect gift for dad” we were tasked to build an experience for gift shoppers to see what their chair would look like prior to placing their order to improve conversion rates. MCSC has seen a 300% revenue growth since launching their first 3D experience.

Level-up your
experience with
3D / AR