Creative that's fresh AF

Every impression is your chance to connect and relate to a customer. Don’t be a dud. CG Studio will have your brand looking like a million billion bucks and deliver engagement, traffic and sales that only your mom thought was possible.
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Building an online brand for CPG

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that brands need a multi-channel approach to thrive. CPG brands that were too reliant on retail sales needed to quickly pivot online where you reach your exact audience to build awareness that drives in-store sales and online purchases. We understand growing a CPG brand takes creative that grabs attention and gets engagement so in-store shoppers instantly recognize your product on crowded shelves.

Creative with insane intent

A great piece of creative is like an iceberg where 90% of the work goes unseen in the final asset. The ideation, planning, copywriting, persona definition,
branding, objective definition and tweaking till it’s just right is what turns a “piece of creative” into a powerhouse ad that demands attention, gets the clicks
and drives sales. CG Studio treats our clients brands as if they’re our own. We don’t produce creative for the sake of making creative. We create with intent.

Tailored creative

for every placement

At Commerce Garage we’ve built our advertising and creative teams under one roof for maximum collaboration. This enables our teams to produce on-point
creative at massive volumes for any and every placement so that your brand stays at the forefront of the consumer’s purchase decisions.

Creative as thoughtful as
you are