Case Study

Known for meticulous cuts, 437 (previously known as 437 SWIMWEAR) creates curve hugging boutique swimwear using luxe fabric that gives you that extra confidence to indulge.


437 was off to a great start when they launched their collection of swimwear in the Summer of 2017. With the support of influencers and other marketing partners, the company rapidly accelerated their growth in the first two years — with yet plenty of room to grow. They needed a marketing partner to help them get to the next level by introducing their swimwear fashion to a brand new set of customers.

At the outset of partnering with Commerce Garage, the 437 team saw growth in new customer acquisition almost immediately. We audited and rebuilt advertising campaigns that struck a balance between attracting new, quality purchasers, and remarketing to visitors and previous customers — all while optimizing every part of the funnel to continuously achieve performance targets.

In the first six months of the engagement, Commerce Garage was able to reduce the cost of customer acquisition (CPA) by 48%, improve the return on ad spend (ROAS) by 89% and lower the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) on Facebook by 31%.

Services Provided

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads and Stories
  • Google Search
  • Bing Search
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • SEO
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • Snapchat Advertising
  • Video Creative


Lower CPA
Improved ROAS
Lower FB CPM
YoY Revenue Growth


Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Facebook is an effective advertising channel, however, if your advertising isn’t creative and doesn’t comply with advertising policies it will be difficult to reach your target audiences. A swimwear brand often faces this challenge, as its ads can be flagged for ‘too much skin’ violations. Our Facebook experts and creative team came up with ad content that perfectly kept the creative in line with 437’s brand guidelines and key messaging while respecting the platform’s advertising policies. Launching new creative and an effective campaign strategy led to significant improvements, including CTRs increasing by 18%, CPMs decreasing by 31%, cost per add to cart lowering by 45% and ROAS improving by 68%.


Google Search and Display

Similar to Facebook, Google Ads have strict advertising policies pertaining to swimwear. It was nonetheless important to utilize the platform to its fullest potential while staying within the advertising policy boundaries. Faced with a number of challenges, Commerce Garage strategized and built campaigns that were still able to reach 437’s specific performance metrics, including improved click-through rates, low CPA and a very strong ROAS.