How to Add Your TikTok Ads Pixel to Shopify

Step 1 – Add Official TikTok App to your Shopify Store

  1. Type TikTok into the search bar in the Shopify App Store
  2. Select the official TikTok by TikTok Inc. App

Step 2 – Install App

Step 3 – Connect your Tiktok for Business Account

Step 4 – Connect your Ad Account

Step 5 – Create Pixel

Create a new pixel by clicking the Create Pixel button or selecting an existing pixel to connect to 

Step 6 – Ensure Pixel is Active in TikTok Ads

1. Log in to your TikTok Business Account.

2. Hover over assets and click on events.

3. Find Pixel you created in Shopify — and you’re good to go!


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