VarageSale is the family-friendly app to buy and sell used items locally.

VarageSale is the family-friendly app to buy and sell used items locally.

We engaged Commerce Garage to scale our paid search efforts and in just 3 months our member signups have grown 5x through this channel. They move fast, they clearly have a deep knowledge of performance marketing and are fun to work with.

Ian MacDonald - VarageSale


VP, Marketing at VarageSale

VarageSale is set to be the first choice for families to buy, sell and connect with their local community.



VarageSale is a fast-growing community-driven and family-friendly app that enables its users to buy and sell used items locally.  Recently acquired by VerticalScope, VarageSale became Canada’s leading buy/sell app among women.

To keep up with the momentum and scale growth nationally, VarageSale invested in various marketing channels to continually drive user acquisition.

As a mobile-first platform, VarageSale reached out to Commerce Garage in early 2017 for digital paid media expertise with a goal of increasing app installs.

Services Provided

  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Google App Install
  • Pinterest Ads

How do you like them apples


Increase in Impressions


Increase in Interaction Rate


More App Installs

VarageSale illustrated ad banner of a girl speaking through a megaphone


We helped VarageSale scale quickly with a considerable increase in budget. By testing various campaigns, ad types, placements and bid strategies we settled on and optimized for App Installs as the main conversion goal.

A larger budget provided more opportunities to reach more people.  In the period, of the same duration, after taking over the account we were able to increase impressions by 250%. Satisfied with that objective, the real improvement was in the effectiveness of ads and targetting strategies which help boost the interaction rate by 23% above previous campaign performance.

VarageSale Adwords ad with ad exntesions
VarageSale text ad with ad extensions
Sample Endy Ads


VarageSale’s need to scale quickly prompted exploration of newly untapped advertising channels.  Pinterest, a visual discovery and  bookmarking social network was the perfect candidate to launch new campaigns.  Pinterest users are active, highly engaging and fit the demographic VarageSale is targetting.

With a recent introduction of Pinterest Ads, it was a perfect opportunity and great timing to launch paid campaigns on Pinterest.  It enabled VarageSale an early mover advantage to create awareness and drive more app installs at a lower cost compared to well-established advertising channels.

VarageSale Pinterest ad for app install featuring orange planter pot with flowers
VarageSale Pinterest ad for install featuring screenshot of mobile app
VarageSale Pinterest ad fpr app install featuring antique cabinet


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