Case Study

“Commerce Garage has helped us scale. We were at a point where we needed support in
multiple areas including SEO and conversion optimization. They helped us completely
overhaul our paid search strategy and we’ve seen a huge long term benefit to our CPA as a
result. They’ve worked as great addition to our in house team quickly getting projects off
the ground for us.”

Mike Gettis

Founder & CEO at Endy

Endy reimagined the way people shop for sleep by creating meticulously designed mattresses available direct to consumers through



Endy is one of most well-known and most successful Canadian startups of all time. The company has completely reimagined the sleep experience, leveraging data and advanced design-thinking to create high-quality mattresses that could be sold at a fraction of the price of other retailers.

Endy quickly became — and continues to be — a disruption in the mattress industry and the DTC space. Their success ultimately caught the attention of Sleep Country Canada, who acquired Endy for $89 million in late 2018.

The Partnership

Two years before the acquisition, Endy recognized they needed the help of proven experts in the paid search and marketing space to boost the company’s upwards trajectory. The team approached Commerce Garage, enlisting CG’s help in scaling paid search ads and display initiatives.

The partnership produced results early and often. The immediate focus was on search and display ad campaigns. Commerce Garage applied their proven methodology to focused on optimizing the account, scaling campaigns nationwide, and capitalizing on market events and trends.

The Results

Essential metrics like conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS) and CAC all moved decidedly in the right direction — all within the same media spend. 

Success in paid search and display demonstrated the ability of Commerce Garage to understand the client’s audience — where to reach them and how to conver them. It was so scucessful that Endy expanded its working relationship with CG to include funnel optimization and SEO initiatives. 

Services Provided

  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Retargeting
  • Bing Search
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Funnel Optimization


More Conversions



Lower CPA

Google Search

In a very competitive space where products are typically high-consideration purchases, it was critical to get in front of potential customers with the right information at the right time to help them choose Endy. We utilized everything Google Adwords offered to prospect and convert new customers with immediate and lasting success.

Google Display

We launched Google Display awareness and retargeting campaigns to reach potential customers at every stage of their buying journey — with one of the main objectives to continually be top of mind.

Technical SEO

In late 2017 the Endy team decided to move their site to a new domain. From a technical SEO perspective this posed a number of challenges, including ensuring proper link redirects were in place, managing canonical urls and overall on-page markup. Even though the switch to a new domain went smoothly, our SEO audit post migration revealed a number of areas for improvement. Armed with new insights we provided recommendations and resolved a number of on-page technical SEO issues. By addressing key on-page SEO elements, not only did the overall SEO audit score improve, Endy’s search engine visibility and average position rankings increased as well.