Case Study

“Commerce Garage has helped us scale our advertising and has helped us keep an incredible ROI. We are continuing to grow with the help of the entire Commerce Garage team. They are fast and efficient and want to help you grow!”

Hunter Bailey

COO at Impact Dog Crates


Scaled FB Ad Spend
Scaled FB & IG Revenue
Improved Overall CPA
Increased Shopify Sales



Impact Dog Crates


Pet Products


Northern Idaho, USA
Quality and durability. That’s what you get when you choose an Impact Dog Crate — just ask the tens of thousands of customers across North America.

But even the best products need a way to get to market, to find new audiences, and scale their business. That’s why the team at Impact partnered with Commerce Garage in 2019.

And ever since then, the engagement with Commerce Garage has grown to include not just paid ads and strategy, but producing best-in-class creative, web design and cro, email marketing and much more.

Impact has seen consistent year over year growth in sales, CPA, and Facebook and Instagram attributable revenue. All while sustainably scaling ad spend by triple digits and maintaining consistently strong ROAS.

Services Provided

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Search
  • Display Retargeting
  • Creative
  • Shopify Stoore Design
  • Funnel Optmization
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Bing Search


Creatives produced:

3D Models
Finding cute pictures of dogs is not hard. But the challenge is communicating in a single image or short video the value of the product and how it works.

Our in house world class creative team managed to do all of this with a clever slider-image showing what a living room looks like with and without an Impact Dog Crate.

On top of that, the team used a slick GIF  and an incredible 3D model of the product to highlight the quality and durability.


1366 x 1080
1 x 1
16 x 9
9 x 16

Before Image
After Image


Paid Channels:

Google Search
Google Display
Expert audience targeting leveraging lookalike audiences has paid serious dividends for Impact Dog Crates. Combine this strategy with a variet of ad sets with tested value props, and customer testimonials, and the results speak for themselves.

Commerce Garage successfully scaled on Facebook by 70% in the first six months and a whopping 552% YoY. All the while staying well below the max CPA target.

As for Google ads, given that most Impact Dog Crates are high-consideration products, search is a crucial piece of the digital marketing mix. Campaigns were set up and optimized to cover the full customer journey on search and across other Google properties, such as Youtube.
Ad Formats:

Instagram Feed
Instagram Story
Destktop News Feed
Mobile News Feed


Services Provided:

Shopify Store Design
Conversion Rate Optimization
Web Design
A/B Testing
As the paid ad strategy began to exponentialy increase traffic to the website, a big opportunity presented itself in the form of conversion rate optimization and web design.

We ran dozens of tests in 2020 and 2021. The goal is simple: identify which variables tip the scales in favor of conversion, implement them, and iterate until the website is converting at full capacity (and then iterate again!)

With Impact Dog Crates, we ran a test to understand the value of having product reviews featured in the hero section of the website, as opposed to a Shop Now Button.

Our testing methodology, inclusive of heat maps, Google Analytics and user segmentation, showed that prominently featuring user reviews moved the needle in the right direction.

While many would argue that you always need to have shop now buttons front and center on the homepage, through our testing we came to understand that this may not be the case for high-consideration items.
A/B Testing Tools and Strategy

Google Analytics
User segmentation
Multivariate testing





For a new brand with many competitors and no domain history, SEO was going to be a challenge. A technical SEO audit with keyword research provided additional opportunities to optimize on-page content, resulting in a 50% improvement in average target keyword positions. 

Email Optimization

No matter how you slice it, email is one of the most effective and efficient sales channels. Collaborating with Impact Dog Crates team, we provided guidance and strategy on cart abandonment flow to recoup lost revenue, informational/entertaining email content to engage the audience, keeping the brand top of mind, and setting the tone of promotional and sales emails.