Case Study

Tapplock is an innovative take on the traditional padlock that opens with your fingerprint.



Coming off a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising $230,000 and pre-selling 5,000 units, Tapplock was looking to achieve scale beyond early technology adopters and get their smart lock into the hands of everyday consumers.  We connected with the team after their Dragon’s Den appearance, where they struck a deal with Michele Romanow, to help them achieve their growth goals.

We began our engagement consulting on strategy, which evolved into implementation and execution of our recommendations.

With a strategic channel roll-out, AdWords launched first with the goal of increasing transaction volume while improving overall return-on-ad-spend targets.  We proceeded with Facebook advertising, restructuring the account, identifying new audiences, launching new creative and writing new copy.

Services Provided

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Retargeting
  • Consulting


Increase In Conversions
CTR Lift
Lower CPA

Google Search

Google Search was the very first paid channel we launched.  Strategic and gradual rollout allowed us to evaluate what was working and what was not.  Well performing campaigns and ads were allocated additional budget and tested on other targeting parameters.   Through a process of active monitoring, data analysis and iteration on winning campaigns and ads, we were able to quickly achieve target objectives and continuously improve on them.

Since launching Google Search, thanks in part to a gradual and relatively modest month over month budget increase, we were able exceed many performance metrics, including generating 639% more conversions, 30% increase in click-throughs and reducing acquisition costs by 15%


Facebook and Instagram Advertising

After proving early success on Adwords we moved to Facebook advertising.  With similar goals and targeting on the agenda, we launched a number of campaigns utilizing various ad types, placements and targeting strategies.  Through better visibility into performance, we were able to quickly pick winning, and shut off losing, campaigns.

By expanding audiences, applying our unique approach to account structure and campaign managements, we quickly reduced the customer acquisition costs by 37% within one month of running the account.
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Voted BEST lock gear of 2017 🔳 Unlocks in 0.8 seconds 🔳 Stores fingerprints for multiple people 🔳 Water and weather resistant 🔳 Able to share and control access remotely 🔳 Battery lasts up to a year per 2-hour charge Posted by Tapplock on Wednesday, November 1, 2017